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There is a Problem: Financial Planning is just not easy

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Having a full-time CFO/Financial Analysts is sometimes not affordable


Some CPAs don’t offer strategic financial guidance and insight


Flexibility is crucial for adapting to changing financial needs without the commitment of a full-time hire.

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Specialized Processes

Fractional CFOs/Financial Analysts can provide specialized skills, such as financial modeling, fundraising, or cost optimization

Not Emotionally Tied

An external fractional CFO/Financial Analyst can provide an unbiased, objective perspective

Reduced Overhead

Hiring a full-time CFO comes with additional costs like benefits and office space. Fractional teams reduce overhead expenses for the business.

We offer Fractional CFO or Financial Analyst services to businesses on a flexible, as-needed basis

We have Packages That Fit Your Needs

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Profitably Scale your Business with our Plans

Small Business

$ 2,190 USD


Access to 10 hours per week of financial support from our team

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MONTHLy 90d Cash flow projections

annual budgeting +QUARTERly control

MONTHLY rolling forecast updates

2 monthly CFO Call with month-end financial analysis and kpis

unlimited slack/email support

Medium Business

$ 3,900 USD


Access to UP 20 hours per week of financial support from our team

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bi-Weekly 90d Cash flow projections

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annual budgeting +monthly control

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MONTHLy rolling forecast updates

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1 Weekly CFO Call with month-end financial analysis and kpis

unlimited slack/email support

One Timer

Starting At

$ 4,900 USD


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Investor ready financial model

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3-5 year forecasting financial plan

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unlimited slack/email support

No Trial Periods. No Long-Term Contracts

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About Us

We work with SMEs, and startups in the US and Latin America, supporting them with their Financial Planning and Analysis processes and helping them grow profitably and sustainably over time. We are the financial team your company needs


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What Our Clients Say

"As a company, we have grown significantly with new clients, employees, and expansion into new geographies. In the most critical moments, I have relied on the talent, organization, and effectiveness of Equity Advisors, who have been my best financial ally."

Manuela Villegas

Founder - Yes Sir Agency

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“Equity Advisors helped us strengthen our financial processes in a scalable manner, allowing us to dedicate more time to the business strategy. Additionally, Equity Advisors has a talented team available, which enabled us to provide quick support to our internal teams without any impact on our operations.”

Diego Mariño

CEO - Lentesplus

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